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Uttarakhand is said to be the land of Goddess Devatas, or it can be said that there is a habitation of deities in Uttarakhand. Chardham Yatra tour package is the most sacred and religious place in Uttarakhand, whose people come from far and wide to see it. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri come in Chadham  yatra packages, they are known as Chardham. This Chardham yatra from india is the most sacred and very important and religious place of the Hindu religion in Uttarakhand. It is also believed that by completing the journey of Chardham Yatra, liberation from all sins and the soul gets salvation.

Ghoom Musafir offers  Uttarakhand Chardham Yatra Tour Package, a package of travel according to your journey, through which you can safely travel the Chardham Yatra on your journey safely and hassle free in Chardham Yatra Package. We offer customized packages for you, you can make your Chardham yatra tour package changes according to your convenience. Our aim is to keep your needs in mind and provide you a well-organized Chardham yatra  package so that you can enjoy your journey.

उत्तराखंड को देवी देवता की भूमि कहा जाता है, या यह कहा जा सकता है कि उत्तराखंड में देवताओं का निवास है। चारधाम उत्तराखंड का सबसे पवित्र और धार्मिक स्थान है, जिसे देखने के लिए लोग दूर-दूर से आते हैं। बद्रीनाथ, केदारनाथ, गंगोत्री और यमुनोत्री चार धाम यात्रा पैकेज में आते हैं, इन्हे चारधाम के रूप में जाना जाता है। यह चारधाम उत्तराखंड में हिंदू धर्म का सबसे पवित्र और बहुत महत्वपूर्ण धार्मिक स्थान है। यह भी माना जाता है कि चारधाम की यात्रा पूरी करने से सभी पापों से मुक्ति मिलती है और आत्मा को मोक्ष मिलता है।

घूम मुसाफिर, उत्तराखंड चारधाम यात्रा टूर पैकेज ने आपकी यात्रा के अनुरूप यात्रा का पैकेज प्रदान करता है, जिसके माध्यम से आप अपनी यात्रा पर अच्छी तरह से चारधाम की यात्रा को सुरक्षित और परेशानी मुक्त रूप से कर सकते हैं। चारधाम यात्रा पैकेज हम आपके लिए अनुकूलित पैकेज प्रदान करते हैं, आप अपनी सुविधा के अनुसार अपने चारधाम टूर पैकेज बदलाव करा सकते हैं। हमारा उद्देश्य आपकी आवश्यकताओं को ध्यान में रखना है और आपको एक सुव्यवस्थित चारधाम यात्रा पैकेज प्रदान करना है ताकि आप अपनी यात्रा का आनंद ले सकें।


( 9 Nights & 10 Days )

In Chardham Yatra Package, we provide a complete package with comfortable facilities according to your convenience, so that you do not feel any less at travel time. Traveling with a stroller will give you great pleasure, joy and peace. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri are the most sacred and Darshan Sights in the Chardham Yatra Package, where people from all over the world come to visit, besides you can see the Himalayas very close and capture scenes of the Himalayas in your camera.

चारधाम यात्रा पैकेज में हम आपके सुविधा अनुसार आरामदायक सुविधाओं से पूर्ण पैकेज प्रदान करते है जिससे यात्रा के समय आपको कोई कमी महसूस न हो। घूम मुसाफिर के साथ यात्रा करना आपको अत्यंत ख़ुशी, आनंद और शांति प्रदान करेगा। चारधाम यात्रा में बद्रीनाथ, केदारनाथ, गंगोत्री, और यमुनोत्री सबसे पवित्र और दर्शन स्थल है जहा दुनिया भर के लोग दर्शन करने आते है, इसके आलावा आप हिमालय को भी बहुत पास से देख सकते हो और हिमालय के दृश्यों को अपने कैमरे में कैद कर सकते हो।

Chardham yatra tour package Itinerary:

DAY 1 – Haridwar to Barkot (210 km)
Pickup from Haridwar Hotel / Bus Station / Railway Station and proceed to Barkot. This is a journey of about 210 km / 7-8 hours. While enjoying Mussoorie, stop at the Kempty-Fall and take lunch then proceed to Barkot. Arrive at Barkot, Dinner and overnight stay in Barkot.

Yamunotri dham
Yamunotri Temple

DAY 2 – Barkot – Yamunotri – Barkot
Early morning, After breakfast, proceed to Janki Chatti. Yamunotri is 6-7 km away from Janki Chatti, you can climb Yamunotri trek by walk, doli or horse by own cost.
After reaching Yamunotri temple, you should bath in Yamunotri’s Jamnabai Kund, it is a hot kund, in which you can cook raw rice by dipping it and cook it. you can take it home as a prasad. Yamunotri is the first Dham in your Chardham Yatra tour package.
Here Aarti offerd to Divyshila and yamunotri ji. After yamunotri darshan back to jankiichatti by trek then drive back to barkot. Dinner and Overnight stay at Barkot.

About Yamunotri – Yanunotri is the source of the river Yamuna, which is known by Yamuna Devi in Hindu religion, like the Ganges, the Yamuna is worshiped as a mother. Yamunotri is a pilgrimage site from four pilgrim centers of Chardham.

Surykund – Surykund is the most special in Yamunotri, where the hot water emerges as a spring from the mountains. In Surykund, people cook rice and potatoes and take them back home as prasad.

Divya Shila – There is a Shila near the SuryaKund, which is known by the name DivyaShila. This Divyashila is worshiped before worship.

DAY 3 – Barkot to Uttarkashi (100 km)
After breakfast leaves for Uttarkashi, which is 100 km ( 4hrs )  away from Barkot. Check in at Uttarkashi Hotel. After lunch, visit the Kashi Vishvnath temple in Uttarkashi, relax in the hotel in the evening and night.

Uttarkashi means north of Kashi. It is located on the Ganges similar to Varanasi. There are many ashrams and temples in Uttarkashi, Uttarkashi is the most sacred city near Rishikesh. In Uttarkashi, there is a ghat named Manikarnika which is near Shiva temple which is exactly like Varanasi.

Vishwanath Temple in Uttarkashi is the oldest temple, it is one of the most sacred temples situated near the river Bhagirathi. Due to being ancient and famous, it is part of chardham yatra tour package.

gangotri dham
Gangotri Temple

DAY 4 – Uttarkashi – Gangotri – Uttarkashi
Next dham is Gangotri in your Chardham Yatra Package. In the morning after breakfast or as per their reverence, the empty stomach leaves for Gangotri. Drive to Gangotri via Harsil. After reaching Gangotri, take a bath in the holy river Ganges, after the bath, visit the Gangotri Temple for pooja and darshan, and enjoy the atmosphere of Gangotri. Go back to Uttarkashi, have lunch and rest at Hotel Uttarkashi. Gangotri is about 4 hours away from Uttarkashi.

Gangotri – The Gangotri temple is in the origin of the Ganges river, which is the Dham Darshan that is seen after Yamunotri in Char Dham Yatra Tour Package. The Gangotri temple was constructed by Nepalese General Amar Singh. The name is called Bhagirath river on the main source. On the confluence of the Alaknanda and Bhagirath river in Devprayag, it was named Ganga.

Places to visit near Gangotri
Bhagiratha Shila – In this sacred rock, Maharaja Bhagirath was worshiping Lord Shiva.
Pandav Cave- 1.5 km from Gangotri, Pandavas had meditated and rested in the cave which became famous as the Pandav cave.

DAY 5 – Uttarkashi to Guptkashi
After getting up early in the morning, get prepared after breakfast and leave for Guptakashi. It is approximately 230 km from Uttarkashi. The route is that you can see Sunder Mandakini River in Tilwara originates from Kedarnath. Journey Guptakashi passes by the wayside. After reaching Guptakashi, check in at the hotel and take a dip in the evening and relax after taking a meal in Guptakashi at night.

Gupta Kashi is located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. There is an ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple of Bholenath in Guptkashi, which is quite popular here. The second temple is Bholanath and Parvati’s Ardhanarishvar (half a woman half male). Guptkashi is one of the most sacred places in the Chardham tour package.

Kedarnath dham
Kedarnath Temple

DAY 6 – Guptkashi to Kedarnath
After breakfast, proceeds to Kedarnath. if you have booked the helicopter in advance, then give information to our driver in advance so that he can reach you for the right time to drop you at the helipad.
By Trek- morning, our driver will drop you at Sonprayag then you have to book local jeep for Gaurikund or Kedarnath. after darshan goes back to Sonprayag by local jeep then contact to the driver and wait for him.. After Back our car will drop you at Hotel for rest. Overnight Stay at Kedarnath.

Kedarnath – Kedarnath Temple is located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Kedarnath is one of the ancient temples of India, its history is very old. From a thousand years, Kedarnath has been a devoted pilgrimage place. Badrinath and Kedarnath are both important places of pilgrimage. Visiting without Kedarnath gives no importance to the visit of Badrinath Ji. With the philosophy of Kedarnath, the philosophy of the idols of Nar-Narayana only gives salvation to all sins.
This temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Shiv Ji. In the morning, after bathing Shiva, ghee is coated on them, after which the aarti is done. Travelers can worship in the temple at the time of Aarti, only in the evening, Bholenath Ji is decorated.

केदारनाथ की कहानी कुछ इसतरह प्रचलित है की महाभारत युद्ध के बाद पांडव को महसूस हुआ की उन्होंने अपने ही भाइयो की हत्या कर दी है। इस पाप से मुक्ति पाने के लिए उन्हें भोलेनाथ का आशीर्वाद लेना था परन्तु भोलेनाथ उनसे रुष्ट थे। भोलेनाथ के दर्शन करने के लिए पांडव काशी पहुंचे, उसके बाद हिमालय और अंत में केदार पहुंचे। केदार में भोलेनाथ ने बेल का रूप धारण करा। जब पांडव केदार पहुंचे तो भोलेनाथ वहां से भी जाने लगे तभी भीम ने बेल की त्रिकोणात्मक पीठ को पकड़ लिया उसके बाद भोलेनाथ उनसे प्रसन्न होकर उनको पाप से मुक्त कर दिया। यह मान्यता है की उसके बाद से भोलेनाथ जी बेल की पीठ की आकृति के रूप में केदारनाथ में पूजे जाते है। भगवान शंकर का धड़ से ऊपर काठमांडू में प्रकट हुआ जिसे पशुपति नाथ मंदिर के नाम से जानते है। भुजाएं तुंगनाथ में , मुँह रुद्रनाथे में , नाभि मदमदेश्वर और जतायें कल्पेश्वर में प्रकट हुई। इन चारो स्थान के साथ केदारनाथ को पंचकेदार कहा जाता है।

DAY 7 – Kedarnath to Guptkashi
After rising early in the morning, the bath reached the temple. Kedarnath Ji is anointing at 4.45 a.m. At this time you go to the sanctum and see and touch the idol and take blessings. after mandir darshan trek to Sonprayag and then drive to return Guptkashi. Stay and relax at Guptkashi hotel at night.

badrinath dham
Badrinath Temple

DAY 8 – Guptkashi to Badrinath
After breakfast in the morning, turned out to go to Badrinath. Arrive at Badrinath and check in at the hotel. In the evening, After bath in Tapt Kund visit the temple of Badrinath, worship the puja. Relax and stay at Badrinath Hotel at night.

Badrinath temple is a famous pilgrim place for Hindus. It is located on the banks of the Alaknanda river in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. This temple of Badrinath is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which is the fourth dham in the four Dham travel packages. Badrinath was named after the Badrinath Temple. The kadat of the Badrinath temple remains open from the end of April to the beginning of November. It is one of the busy pilgrimage places due to the overcrowding here.According to one belief, this temple is called by the name of Badri-Vishal and by connecting with four nearby other temples dedicated to Vishnu – Yogdhan-Badri, future-Badri, old-Badri and etc Badri, the whole group is called “Panch-Badri” is referred to as.

DAY 9 – Badrinath to Rudraprayag (157 km)

In the morning, after bathing on Tapt Kund do Darshan of Badri Vishal. After breakfast, leave for Rudraprayag via Joshimath. In Joshimath, Narasimha would visit Lord Gav and go towards Rudraprayag. Check in at Rudraprayag Hotel, relax at night, in the hotel.

Joshimath is a city located in Uttarakhand. It is said that Adi Shankaracharya had received knowledge on this, after that he established Badrinath temple and other monasteries.Joshi was founded by Adi Shankaracharya too. Joshimath is the center of Vedic education and knowledge. Auli is one of the main places to hang around here.
Joshi was founded by Adi Shankaracharya too. Joshimath is the center of Vedic education and knowledge. Auli is one of the main places to hang around here.
When the temple of Badrinath is covered with snow in winter , then worship of Lord Vishnu occurs only in the Narsingh Temple of Joshimath.

Rudraprayag is a city in Rudraprayag district of Uttaranchal state of India. Rudraprayag is named after Lord Shiva. Rudraprayag is situated on the Alaknanda and Mandakini river. From there, Alaknanda goes to Devprayag and meets Bhagirathi and builds river Ganges. The confluence of the Mandakini and Alakhnanda rivers is a unique beauty in itself. Seeing them, it seems as if two sisters are embracing each other. It is believed that Lord Shiva had embraced the rowdy form to give blessings to Narada Muni. The Shiva and Jagadamba temples here are the main religious places.

DAY 10 – Rudraprayag to Haridwar (162 km)

After breakfast, leave for  Haridwar via Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a famous spiritual city surrounded by three Himalayas. God was pleased with the hard austerity of the Rayabh rishi and appeared in the name of God Hrishikesh, since then this place has been named Rishikesh.
At rishikesh, you can visit Laxman jhula, Ram Jhula and other sightseeing of Rishikesh. transfer to Haridwar then drop at station /hotel.

  • Hotel accommodation as per package same or similar hotels.
  • Meals as per package (Breakfast + Dinner).
  • Transfers and sightseeing as prepackage car.
  • All toll tax, parking, fuel and driver allowances.
  • All applicable hotel and transport taxes.
  • Anything not mentioned under ‘Package Inclusions’
  • All personal expenses, optional tours and extra meals.
  • Medical and travel insurance.
  • Any kind of entry fees anywhere if not mentioned in including.
  • Tips, travel insurance, medical insurance, laundry charges, liquors, mineral water, telephone charges.
  • All items of personal nature.
  • Porter, pony, horse, cable car, boat, train tickets, air tickets charges.
  • Helicopter Ticket INR 7500/- per person (As per Uttarakhand Goverment).
  • INR 1100/- VIP Ticket for Kedarnath Darshan.
  • For booking please make payment by IMPS / NEFT / RTGS or Cash deposit into below bank account.
  • PAN card mandatory of all passengers
  • Full payment required for flight ticket booking.
  • INR 5000 Non-RefundableToken amount to hold your hotel & lock the price
  • 50% payment required within 7 days of tour confirmation
  • We need full payment 30 days before your flight departure or tour date
  • Please note booking procedure will only start after we receive or reflect the token amount in our bank account
  • In case of any cancellation, the refund will take 28 days from the date of Cancellation
  • Cancellation Policy is subject to change. It completely depends upon the cancellation policy of respective hotels. 
  • 30 days from the date of departure cancellation charges will be 25% of the tour cost.
  • 15 days from the date of departure cancellation charges will be 50% of the tour cost
  • 7 days from the date of departure cancellation charges will be 100% of the tour cost
  • Less than 7 days – No refund shall be given.
  • No show – No refund shall be given.

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