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Domestic Holiday Packages

India is so geographically varied that every travel enthusiast in the world would love to take India tour at least once in their lifetime. From lush green forests to daunting deserts, pristine beaches to mighty snow-capped mountains, India is rich with varied landscapes; each one more attractive than the other.

Apart from the geographical undulations, the diversity in the culture, food, language and even flora and fauna found in the various regions of India is quite fascinating. This affluence is the reason why India holiday packages are so popular.

Baanjara Holidays provides you with an extensive range of India tour packages to suit your desires. When it comes to choosing the best places to visit in India, our holiday expert will help you choose the most sought-after holiday destination. Covering almost every destination in India, these incredible India tour packages are apt to take you to enthralling hill stations, quaint hamlets, cosmopolitan metros and rejuvenating coastal towns. With our distinct packages, you can choose to take a relaxing break for a few days or go on an adventure spree around the many thrilling activity hubs around the country. Not to forget our India travel guides which will allow you to indulge in top sightseeing and activities in any part of India.

Goa Package
3 Nights/ 4 Days
Starting @ 4,990/- Per Person

Kerala Package
5 Nights/ 6 Days
Starting @ 16,990/- Per Person

Himachal Package
5 Nights/ 6 Days
Starting @ 13,750- Per Person

Uttarakhand Package
7 Nights/ 8 Days
Starting @ 17,990/- Per Person

Andman Package
4 Nights/ 5 Days
Starting @ 12,990/- Per Person

Nepal Package
5 Nights/ 6 Days
Starting @ 11,990/- Per Person

North East Package
5 Nights/ 6 Days
Starting @ 17,750/- Per Person

Vizag & ArakuPackage
3 Nights/ 4 Days
Starting @ 7,500/- Per Person

Chardham Package
8 Nights/ 9 Days
Starting @ 21,750/- Per Person

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